The service life of the trampoline and the method of extending its use

Regarding the service life, there is no uniform answer to this question, because it depends on the materials, craftsmanship and proper maintenance of the trampoline.

Depending on the brand, a trampoline can last anywhere from 3 to 8 years if it is maintained and maintained well. But for JHX, the manufacturing cost determines the service life of the trampoline. Our high-quality trampolines can be used for decades, because we are a professional manufacturing factory and can customize trampolines of different qualities according to your needs.

What are the ways to prolong the service life of the trampoline?

The life of a trampoline will depend on factors such as brand, storage conditions, and exposure to weather. The materials of each part of the trampoline are important to the health of the trampoline. Therefore, proper maintenance of each part can increase the service life.

Trampoline frame
The trampoline frame is generally made of galvanized steel, and its firmness depends on the quality of the manufacturing material, size, and whether the welding is firm. The trampoline frame is the strongest part of the trampoline, it is very important whether it can be used safely for a long time.

The JHX’s frame is all hot-dip galvanized steel and powder-coated to withstand harsh weather conditions. We have a complete metal tube processing workshop and can customize various types of trampoline frames.

Trampoline mat
During a jump, it is the trampoline mat and springs that are hit the hardest, so it is the spring or mat that wears out first. The jumping mat of the outdoor trampoline needs to be treated with ultraviolet light, so as to avoid the negative effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and bad weather on the mat.

High quality polypropylene is an excellent jumping mat material, UV treated and cross stitched, they will last a long, long time if cared for properly. In bad weather, the mat can also be protected with a weather cover to extend the life of the mat.

Trampoline safety nets and poles
The safety net is roughly divided into two types: built-in and external. The built-in net is safer because it isolates the spring from the jumping mat and prevents feet from being pinched. The net is generally sewn with anti-ultraviolet PE, and the pole is made of galvanized steel pipe.

It is generally recommended to replace the safety net once every 3 years to ensure safe use.